The simple summer project that started it all now has a user base worldwide of 500,000 users. Half a million people have used Battery Go! or Battery Go! Plus and while we can’t even begin to comprehend that number, we do want to thank each and every one of you that helped us reach such a milestone.

To our friends, families, girlfriends (one of which has now become wife during Battery Go’s life), the tech reviewers, journalists, the tweeters, those of you who left great reviews in the App Store (heck, even those who left negative reviews), and anyone else who contributed to our success, we thank you. We’re humbled and honored at reaching this amazing number, and we couldn’t have done it without you. 

Here are a few stats about the history of Battery Go!

  • Originally released on July 5th, 2009.
  • Used by people in 181 countries worldwide.
  • The most popular country for the app is South Korea, followed by the USA, then China.
  • At it’s peak, Battery Go! climbed to the #72 paid app spot in the US. For a nearly a week, it was the #1 paid application overall in the Netherlands. 
  • Our first day of work as app developers was May 13th, 2009. Battery Go! was first submitted to Apple on June 13th, exactly one month after we started. 
  • It wasn’t all fun and games at first, as the app was rejected twice before finally making it into the App Store.
  • The app was originally going to be called Battery Life, but that name wasn’t available. After about 10 minutes of attaching random words to the end of Battery, we came up with Go!, liked the sound, and it stuck.
  • Here’s the first review (that we’re aware of) for Battery Go! by PC Magazine. Since then, the app has been featured in Macworld, the New York Times, TUAW, App Advice, The Chicago Sun-Times, and many other publications.
  • Battery Go! has gone through a good deal of design, artistic, and conceptual changes since that initial 1.0 release. Here’s a screenshot comparing the first release to today’s current version.

We wouldn’t be here today without Battery Go, as it provided inspiration for us to become full-time indie developers. We’re going on just over a year now here at 9magnets, and we’re really excited with what the future holds for us in the months ahead.